Improve poor eyesight and related eyestrain naturally. Relieve myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, astigmatism and squinting with Natural Vision Improvement.Dede Callichy photo

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* Important note: Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) does not claim to cure eye diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Dede offer individual or private classes?

Yes, Dede offers a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs, and you can decide whether a telphone course or attending a workshop is most appropriate.  Please contact Dede directly for more details.

Are workshops available for groups other than businesses or workplaces?

Yes, Dede can conduct workshops for any group of 6 or more people.  Please contact her directly

How many people can attend a workshop?

To ensure optimum attention for each participant, Dede prefers groups of 6-20 people per workshop.

I'm in another part of Australia, will Dede do a workshop here?

Currently, weekend workshops are available in Murwullumbah and Sydney only, other locations are available by arrangement.  Contact Dede now to discuss your workshop or get more more information.cartoon

How long are the workshops?

Weekend workshops are run on Saturday and Sunday from 8:45am - 4pm each day. Corporate workshops are 3 hours long and ideal for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.  Special workshops may have other arrangements which are indicated.

What do workshops cost?

Cost varies depending on the type of workshop, but Dede's Weekend Workshop starts from $195 per person, and includes a FREE workbook and CD.  Advance booking by one week beforehand and $40 deposit essential. Contact Dede now

Do you have pinhole readers available?

Yes, Dede can supply pinhole readers and other Natural Vision Improvement material.  Just check the catalogue here.

How did Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) start?

Dr. William Bates (1860-1931), an eminent eye surgeon, was dissatisfied with glasses as the standard cure for visual discomfort. He was well aware that glasses did no more than alleviate the symptoms of the problem; they did not address the cause. > more...

What causes eyesight deterioration?

Some contributing factors include;

  • Heredity - many people are born with a predisposition to certain visual distortions such as shortsightedness or long sightedness.
  • Lifestyle factors such as insufficient movement, excessive close work, inappropriate nutrition, toxicity, ageing and emotional stress can contribute to visual blur.
  • Insufficient movement of the eye muscles can lead to stiffness of the eye and face muscles causing muscle tension around the eyes. (use it or lose it) This tightness can contribute to distortion of the eyeballs. This distortion will manifest as visual blur. Shortsightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism, are to some extent symptoms of excessive eye muscle tension.
  • Excessive close work can strain the eye muscles and cause eyeball distortion that contributes to shortsightedness (myopia), Can't see the forest for the trees)
  • Nutritional factors - eyes need oxygen and many specific nutrients to function optimally. Long - term deprivation can lead to lowered vision and serious conditions such as macular degeneration. (You are what you eat)
  • Waste products in the body.  The result of inappropriate diet and insufficient exercise can lead to visual blur and malnutrition.
  • Ageing - presbyopia or reading blur (the "arms too short" syndrome) is caused by the hardening and continued growth of the lens and an attitude of mental rigidity.

Basic tenets of Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) can help to overcome and reverse the factors mentioned above.

The Natural Vision Improvement strategies Dede employs, will teach you how to overcome or at least minimize the factors mentioned above. Vision Improvement techniques are based on the four cornerstones of common sense natural health maintenance. They are appropriate rest, appropriate exercise, appropriate nourishment and believe it or not, appropriate cleansing.

NVI maximizes available vision, and its techniques have helped thousands of people to improve their eyesight.  Why not SEE for yourself and improve yours too?