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See Again Myanmar (Burma)

Theatre TeamSee Again Myanmar ... is a volunteer project that cures preventable blindness.

See Again Myanmar is the brainchild of Dr Geoff Cohn*, who has set up similar ongoing successful projects in Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. Dr Cohn says “The blindness burden of Myanmar can only be resolved by her own people.”

Supported by the monastery communities, Australian eye surgeons are training and equipping Myanmar surgeons, nurses and auxiliaries to address Myanmar's challenging but curable eye health problems. To date, from public donations, See Again Myanmar has supplied microscopes, lasers and other much needed technology.

It has fully equipped (now independent) sight-restoration centres at Wachet and Mt Popa, and trained their Myanmar staff.

See Again Myanmar is currently developing four other centres. One of these is Hmawby in Southern Myanmar. Here poverty is not relative; it is extreme.  The abbot Sayadaw Say Keinda is conmmitted to providing vision restoration treatment free of charge to impoverished citizens.

The See Again Myanmar Australian medical volunteers donate our time and expenses to this and other sight restoration projects.

Visit the See Again Myanmar web site.

Your contribution of $15 pays for one cataract operation, giving one person sight, freedom from dependency and freedom to become a fully functioning and contributing member of family and community. $30 repairs both eyes, $100 buys 30 implants, $6000 buys a surgical laser.

Pinhole Readers and caseDonations also pay for much needed sutures, surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals.  Or you can purchase Pinhole readers which includes an attractive handcrafted carry case made by local artisans. Proceeds from your Pinhole Readers go to the SEE AGAIN project.

See Again Myanmar is funded through the RANZCO Eye Foundation (registered charity no 83945220).

Donations to the RANZCO Foundation are tax-deductible.  Make cheques and donations to:
See Again Myanmar c/o RANZCO Eye Foundation,
94-98 Chalmers St., Surry Hills Sydney. 2010
tel (02) 9690-1001

Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales
Founder and Consultant Ophthalmologist of See Again Myanmar

Visit the See Again Myanmar web site.

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