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Submission Criteria

Please familiarise yourself with our criteria before making a submission to be included in the Ecotourism Resource Centre (ERC).

  • Submissions should relate to best practice development, implementation and management in the tourism and travel industry, with an emphasis on ecotourism, outdoor and nature based tourism.
  • Preference will be given to research papers and articles on industry trends, examples and benefits of best practice, and papers from field research, workshops, conferences and seminars, which aids further education, vocational training and/or general adoption of appropriate practices.
  • We will also consider sites or pages addressing issues such as sustainability, energy and waste management, environmental resources management and project planning and development, within the travel and tourism industries.
  • Operators, please note: Don't ask us to link to your commercial accomodation, nature based or outdoor tour and travel operator site.  Northern Rivers NSW and Gold Coast hinterland QLD opertors please check out the Big Volcano Visitor Guide.  For operators in other regions, please check out the resources at Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Activities.
  • Students, please note: We cannot respond to emails asking for help in doing your research or project.  Please visit The Sofweb Project for information on maximizing web resources for research.
  • Big Volcano reserves the right to decline submission requests, alter submission descriptions and remove links from the ERC without explanation or notice.

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