EAA Code of practice for ecotourism operators, circa 1994.

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EAA Code of Practice for Ecotourism Operators, 1994.

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A number of accommodation operators in our region belong to Ecotourism Australia, (previoiusly the Ecotourism Association of Australia - EAA), which has responsibility for accrediting tourism operators under the Eco Certification Program (previously the National Ecotourism Accreditation Program (NEAP).

For those wanting a quick guide, the original EAA Code of Practice (below) from 1994, provides a general starting point, while the current Eco Certification Program provides an extensive point by point, category by category list of "things to achieve", for accommodation, tour operators and nature guides.

If all you do is impliment these practices, you'll be well on the way to being a responsible

The EAA kindly provided permission for us to reproduce the Code of Practice for Operators, below and also the Guidelines for Ecotourists in 1997.

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1994 Code of Practice for Ecotourism Operators - Australia

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  • The Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre (STCRC) ceased operations on 30/06/10 following 13 years as Australian tourism's scientific and strategic research organisation. All of the STCRC reports remain available for free download from the Bookshop and a range of tools are available from the Tools and Products Section. No new information has been added to this site after June 2010, so it's a treasure trove of papers and publications avaialble for free PDF download, for operators and stakeholders wanting to start, develop or refresh their business direction in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.
    • A new STCRC development Sustainable Tourism Online (STO) is a comprehensive online information resource delivering substantial research, data and tools within three main sustainability themes – Destinations and Communities, Business Operations, and Parks & Culture. [with] relevant information and knowledge on broader sustainability tourism topics.
  • Guidelines for Ecotourists (EAA 1994)
  • HOW TO CHOOSE AN ECOTOUR PROGRAM AND A HOST. "Nowadays more than ever travelers must actively participate in choosing their trip facilitators. You can not judge how good programs or tour hosts are by how glamorous their magazine ads are, how famous their sponsoring agencies are, or by whether the guides are locally certified or accredited! Before a trip takes place, you should contact the tour host directly, ask probing questions, and see how your prospective host responds."  Excellent article for travellers, on questions to ask and cationary tales about choosing your tour guide/s, from the folk at Eathfoot.org.
  • 10 ways to tell if your eco-lodge is really eco! By Justin Francis, responsibletravel.com. " 'Eco' and 'eco-lodges' have become buzzwords used by both terrific organisations dedicated to conservation and benefitting local people, and those seeking to exploit its marketing potential for economic gain with little or no regard for destinations.  Without getting into the intracies of composting toilets how can the tourist decide between the genuine and the not so genuine? 10 ways to tell if your eco-lodge is really an eco-lodge (rather than just 'greenwashing').
  • The Responsible Tourist: “Practical Tips for the Global Traveller” UNWTO PDF brochure available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic.

See also; Accreditation & Certification Programs and Codes of Conduct, Practice & Operational Guidelines