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A selection of Academic, Education & Scientific Organisations associated with tourism, travel, and environmental studies.

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The web sites selected will generally have a range of freely available research papers and articles, libraries, information about current research, and contact details for programmes and study groups.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University New "...houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects. Teachers and trainers may use this material for in-class and out-of-class instruction."  Here's the site-map.  Covers everything you need to know, and lots you didn't know you needed, for academic and professional writing, including how to avoid plagarism and intellectual theft issues.

Academic, Education & Scientific Organisations

  • The Tourism Studies Working Group "is an advanced tourism studies and research forum U.C. Berkeley."  Web site design is now outdated but still functional, and colloquium series announcments are still current.  Updated
  • International Small Islands Studies Association Updated "ISISA is a voluntary, non-profit and independent organisation. Our objectives are to study islands on their own terms, and to encourage free scholarly discussion on small island related matters such as islandness, smallness, insularity, dependency, resource management and environment, and the nature of island life."  Conference announcements, newsletters, links and blog.
  • ATLAS, European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education "The European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) was established in 1991 to develop transnational educational initiatives in tourism and leisure." You need to be a member or join the email list to get more information, but the publications appear useful and economical.
  • Centre for Science and Environment, India "The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a public interest research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi. CSE researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency of development that is both sustainable and equitable."  Excellent web site with links to stories, issues and research of interest on the subcontinent.  A must visit!
  • International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)  "ICOMOS is a global non-governmental organization associated with UNESCO. Its mission is to promote the conservation, protection, use and enhancement of monuments, building complexes and sites. It participates in the development of doctrine and the evolution and distribution of ideas, and conducts advocacy." Updated English and Français.
  • The International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators "The International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators is an international organization of industry professionals in travel, tourism and related fields representing all levels of educational institutions, ranging from professional schools and high schools to four-year colleges and graduate-degree granting institutions. We are a nonprofit international organization dedicated to improving the quality of education and research in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries by promoting the exchange of information, ideas, and outstanding service to our members."    
  • New Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism is the professional journal of the International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators (ISTTE).  Details and instructions for authors.
  • IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, " a membership Union uniquely composed of both government and civil society organisations. It provides public, private and non-governmental organisations with the knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development and nature conservation to take place together".  Extensive resources including academic publications available for download as PDFs, conservation tools and databases.
  • Sustainable Mountain Development: New from the "Convention on Biological Diversity, Agenda 21, Chapter 13 Managing fragile ecosystems: sustainable mountain development."  See also Mountain Ecotourism and Sustainable Development New  In the light of recent "climbing season" deaths in the Himalayas, these old publications still have relevance.
  • The Institute for Tourism "is the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in research and consultancy services in tourism. Its expertise is based on scientific work, permanent research activities and the continuous education of its multidisciplinary team."  UNWTO affilate member.  Site in English and Hrvatski, with tourism data, studies and the TOURISM journal.
  • TOURISM GEOGRAPHIES: Updated An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment.  "The aim of Tourism Geographies is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for the presentation and discussion of geographic perspectives on tourism and tourism-related areas of recreation and leisure studies. The plural, Geographies, is used to express a sensitivity and effort to reach out to the diversity of perspectives that fall under this subject matter, including both academic and applied research, regional traditions from Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world, and disciplinary approaches from geographers and related professionals, such as anthropologists and other social scientists, landscape architects, urban and regional planners, and environmental scientists and managers."
  • Studies in Travel Writing "Founded in 1997 as a yearbook, Studies in Travel Writing was published from Nottingham Trent University until 2002. From 2003 it was published twice yearly by the White Horse Press, with three issues appearing in 2008. From 2009 the journal was published four times a year by Taylor & Francis." Abstracts of previous issues with contents lists and links to publishers.  Updated.

Tourism and Hospitality Education

Web sites offering information about course providers, and university and college libraries with useful resources.

See also Ecotourism Associations and Organisations, Industry Associations and Societies, Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Activities and Tourism Research Resources.

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