How can I correct my eye sight? Reduce and relieve computer and study related eyestrain. Relieve poor eyesight and eyestrain. with Natural Vision Improvement.Dede Callichy photo

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* Important note: Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) does not claim to cure eye diseases.

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Dede Callichy, began teaching music at sixteen, and has been a teacher ever since. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, as well as a Teacher Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education.

When her own eyesight suffered due to stressful desk work, she realised that there was a need for workplace eyecare training, and sought a solution.

It was after qualifying as a Natural VISION Improvement teacher under Dr. Janet Goodrich (an exponent of the Bates Method), and improving her own eyesight, that Dede consolidated her knowledge and training in designing the Eyecare in the Workplace © program.

She has written "A Natural VISION Improvement" Activity Book and released a CD - "Relaxing into Clearer Vision ©", to complement her teaching.  Pinholes readers, eye pillows and other visual aids are also for sale.  Catalogue details are here.

Dede demonstrating a natural vision improvement exerciseDede lives in Murwillumbah, northern NSW, Australia, and travels widely within the country and internationally to bring her Seminars for Eyesight Education public workshops and Eyecare in the Workplace © corporate workshops to people who want to take an active role in attaining and maintaining visual excellence.  Contact Dede now .

Dede brings you the benefits of her extensive training and teaching experience, which include:

  • Yoga studies, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia, 1965-present
  • Higher Diploma in Education (4 years), JCE, Johannesburg, 1970
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education, UNISA, Pretoria, 1980
  • Shiatsu (Japanese massage) Diploma, Iokai College, Tokyo, 1985
  • Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Teacher’s Certificate (2 years), Parsifal College, Sydney, 1988
  • Natural VISION Improvement Teacher’s Certificate, Dr. Janet Goodrich, Maleny, QLD, 1992
  • Ongoing Vision Teacher Training, Dr. R. M. Kaplan, O.D., QLD, 1994
  • Train-the-Trainer Certificate, Skillshare, Murwillumbah, NSW, 1993
  • Courses in Workplace Health and Safety Acts, Codes, Practices and Guidelines, QLD & NSW, 1995

How valuable is your vision? Remember that 80% of your information about the world comes to you through your eyes.  The choice is yours.  Contact Dede now and... come SEE for yourself!


Two-hour telephone lesson: (usually in four half-hour sessions) You learn simple natural ways to reverse shortsightedness, longsightedness, squint, reading blur etc. You have a free initial telephone consultation to assess your specific needs. In each subsequent session you will be taught exercises and relaxation techniques to optimize your vision naturally. In collaboration with the teacher you will develop a program of exercises and relaxations, specific to your vision improvement needs. $70.00 per 2 hour session

CD: Relaxing into Clearer Vision.You are led through four relaxations. The first addresses your whole body, the second your external eye muscles, the third invites the parts of the inner eye to heal and the fourth addresses waking up your visual brain. $20.00 +P&H

Pinhole Readers and selection of attractive handmade carry caseCD: Clearer Vision. You are taught exercises to improve your vision. A guided daily program of general vision exercises and relaxations is taught. $20.00 +P&H

Book: Natural Vision Improvement by Dr Janet Goodrich This book is one of the classic texts for eyesight improvement. $30.00 +P&H

Pinhole Readers: Pinhole readers have been used through the ages to improve vision naturally. They are a particularly good response to the “short arm syndrome”. Please note that Pinhole Readers do NOT replace eye examinations from your optician or opthalmologist. $50.00 +P&H

This includes an attractive handcrafted carry case made by Myanmar artisans in villages where the SEE AGAIN project operates.   Proceeds from your Pinhole Readers go to the SEE AGAIN project (registered charity no 83945220) to cure preventable blindness in poverty stricken communities in Asia.

Postage & H: $7.00

Download the order form  now and return with your payment, or contact Dede now.  You too can learn to improve your eyesight naturally!