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About Natural Vision Improvement ...

Did you know that 80% of the information you receive about the world comes to you through your eyes?

Your eyes reveal to you the joy in the faces of your loved ones, the colourful blooming of flowers, the distant grandeur of the mountains, the motion and excitement of sport, the many facets of your daily life...

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How the ways we use our eyes have changed...

Millennia ago, in hunter-gatherer times, people used their eyes throughout the day to look both near and far.  They would scan distant horizons in search of a meal perhaps, then closely examine an insect or berry.

As the environment changed with the seasons, their eyes and minds remained constantly interested, constantly alert and active, enjoying the variety of the visual world.

Their eyes were always relaxed and mobile, and consequently, eye muscles remained agile and vision keen.

In later centuries, with the migration to towns, people took on more specific tasks. Their eyes were focused at the same visual range for longer periods.

During the industrial revolution, many people spent most of their day focusing on close work under adverse conditions, straining eye muscles, vision and mind. Eyesight dysfunction became more prevalent, and increasing numbers of people began to wear eyeglasses.

Nowadays, people spend unnaturally long and stressful periods with bodies motionless and eyes fixed, almost immobile, on screens or close work, living lifestyles detrimental to health and vision. Eye problems abound unnecessarily.  Why not give your eyes a break and Contact Dede now today.

History of Natural Vision Improvement (NVI)

eye exercisesDr. William Bates (1860-1931), an eminent eye surgeon, was dissatisfied with glasses as the standard cure for visual discomfort. He was well aware that glasses did no more than alleviate the symptoms of the problem; they did not address the cause.

After many years of research into vision, Bates came to the conclusion that a tremendous proportion of eyesight deterioration is caused by strain -- physical, mental or emotional -- from an incorrect lifestyle, leading to ocular dysfunction, blurriness, double vision, light sensitivity and other symptoms.

After studying the function of eyes with perfect sight, Bates developed and taught his patients a series of activities to relax and exercise the eyes and visual brain back to maximum visual potential.

The techniques spread, and people all over the world have improved and often perfected their vision by his method. Bates’ book, Better Eyesight without Glasses (Grafton Press, 1979), is sold widely today.

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